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  Specialised Framing Machines


Wall Framing Machines
If you are in the market for a Wall Framing machine that can also produce Roof Trusses and Lattice Trusses these are the machines for you.





Truss Machine
For a dedicated High Strength Roof and Lattice Truss machine that can also produce walls look here.



Floor Joist Machine
Floor Joists and fully Automated Floor Cassettes that are quick, easy and efficient to assemble, this machine can't be beaten.


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Just add water,
well nearly as easy.
Mobile FACTORY complete with Frame Machine delivered to your door.


All the Howick Frame Machines have been designed for frame manufacturers to make their production as easy and efficient as possible.

The machines are computer controlled so all the frame components are produced with absolute precision and fully processed ready for assembly. Each part is dimpled and notched with the holes ready to accept fasteners so that components self-clip together with no clamping or drilling required. You can simply snap the parts together, add the fasteners and have a completed frame without needing a jig.

  • The screw hole is dimpled which means that by using using wafer head screws the screw heads sit flush with the surface allowing the drywall to sit flat on the framing.

  • The accuracy of the Howick Frame Machine absolutely minimises the amount of waste.

  • The Howick Frame Machine requires very little maintenance and is easy to service. All the covers can be easily removed, to completely expose the inner workings.

  • With the Howick Frame Machine there are no ongoing royalties, license fees or "toll roll" charges.

  • Spare Parts are air freighted straight from the factory.

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