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FRAMA 7600

FRAMA 7600

 Target Use  Multi-Storey (+extra tool options available)
 Material Range  1.2mm - 1.6mm (18-16 gauge)
 Product Size  70mm - 200mm (2.75" - 8")
 Production Rate  300 - 700m/hour (990-2300 feet/hour)
 Control  Touch Screen with Windows 10
 Printer  Dual Head Inkjet
 Punch Tools  Nine - Standard
 Length  4950mm (16'3")
 Width  880mm (2'10")
 Height  1380mm (4'6")
 Weight  4500kg (9900lb)
 Electrical Req.  400 - 460V 50 - 60Hz
 Motor Power  7.5kW (10hp)
 Hydraulic Power  5.5kW (7.5hp)
 Hydraulic Tank  40 litres (10.5 gal)
 Covers  Fully Guarded with Emergency Stop Buttons

The FRAMA 7600 produces framing from steel coil up to 1.6mm thick.

The combination of specific punch tools gives this multi-purpose machine the ability to produce Studs, Tracks and Trusses directly from software instructions without any machine adjustments.

All Hardware is CE and UL compliant and tested to comply with current CE emissions standards.

Standard Tool Operations

Web Notch - Punches away the web to allow through intersections
Service Hole - Up to Ø38mm wiring or plumbing hole.
Lip Notch - Punches away the lip to allow T or through intersections
Dimple - Punched hole for screw and recess for screw head
Swage - Crimps the product undersize to allow through intersections
Crimp Cut Off - Cuts the product to length and crimps the end to allow a load bearing connection
End Chamfer - Notches the end for angled bracing
Web Holes - For Extra Fixing


Inkjet Printed Component Information



Option 1- Customer defined prepunch tool

Option 2 - Customer defined postpunch tool

The 7600 is a largest Howick Frame Machine so it has space for two extra hydraulic tools, commonly these are specified for extra fixing hole punches such as bolt down holes or for floor structure attachment positions. For machines that require more than two extra tools, or larger tools are required, "Howick" will design and manufacture a specialised machine to suit.

End Bearing. 

This machine is unique with the ability to produce True-Load Bearing Studs from the use of a special cut-off tool that crimps the end of the studs to locate into the bottom of the track section. Customers using this machine are able to build and engineer multi-storey buildings of up to 10 floors as the fastenings do not carry the compression loads.

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