Tophat Battens


The TH200 produces a Tophat batten up to 0.75mm (24 gauge) thickness. The profile has been specially developed for material efficiency with a screw location groove and a rolled safety edge.

All Hardware is CE and UL compliant and tested to comply with current CE emissions standards.


  • One of the main advantages of using steel battens is that they are dimensionally accurate and stable. This means that you can achieve a higher quality finish in lined walls and ceilings without the need to return to site to repair any, once the building has settled
  • Tophat roof battens nest together for easy transportation negating movement cracks
  • Cut to length reduces wastage and site cutting
  • The FRAMA machine control allows for room and building lots to be loaded using our CSV format
  • Batch marking is possible with the optional inkjet printer
  • Spans up to 900mm at 900mm spacing or 1200mm at 370mm spacing
  • Can be used in extra high wind and in snow load situations
  • Lightweight 0.836 KG per metre
  • Dimensionally stable, battens expand and contract at 0.1% the same rate as the roof in extreme temperature changes
  • Steel battens don’t absorb moisture
  • No more buckling ridge line flashings
  • Battens can be fitted to both timber and steel trusses or rafters
  • 100% recyclable

Sample installation and span information for battens is available for 30mm & 40mm Residential Roof Purlins, and 30mm Ceiling Batten.

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