Control Series™

Dedicated Coil-Loading System


One of biggest time losses for your framing plant is down time between coil changes. The Howick coil-loader has been designed to make changing coils quicker and easier. Changing a coil in 3 minutes versus 15 minutes can increase production over 7 hours by 5%.

Available in 1.5t and 3.0t de-coiler configurations, it can be added to existing Howick machines.

Benefits include:

  • No need to wait for crane or fork truck load coils from the built-in coil storage
  • 3-minute loading time means more time producing and less time loading coils
  • Coils can be loaded from outside the guarded area

Specifications of the Dedicated Coil-Loading System:

  • Coil max weight 3t
  • Coil OD min 700mm
  • Coil OD max 1600mm

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