The Case for Light Gauge Steel: SPEED


Howick - The Speed of Offsite Construction

Four STAFF - one 2000FT2 (180M2) house - per day

 ...using light gauge steel roll forming technology from Howick FRAMA machines...


When one of Australasia's large group housing companies decided to make the change from traditional construction methods to purchasing and using a light gauge steel roll forming FRAMA machine from Howick, the output results were phenomenal.

The increases in efficiency, productivity, waste reduction, and accuracy were so remarkable, the company replaced all traditional methods with Howick FRAMA technology. This example of a group housing model is offsite construction at its finest and the company hasn’t looked back.




9 STOREYS - 30 week target to installation - completed 14 WEEKS AHEAD OF SCHEDULE

 ...using light gauge steel roll forming technology from Howick FRAMA machines...


One of Howick’s long-standing customers, Intelligent Steel, in the UK were involved in a recent project that delivered a 9 storey, 239 unit student accommodation building in Leeds. The speed of the light steel framing installation using Howick FRAMA technology meant the project was delivered 50% faster than would be possible with traditional methods with the target installation programme of 30 weeks being delivered 14 weeks ahead of schedule.

Offering round-the-clock manufacturing, significantly reduced waste, increased accuracy, and all-weather production, Howick’s FRAMA technology ensures projects are delivered faster, smarter, and with more control over waste, accuracy, and budget.



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