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Floor Joist System

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The Howick Floor Joist System provides a  quick and accurate solution for building floor panels.

Perimeter Channels and Joists are all run from the same machine without changing material or adjusting the machine.


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Floor Joist System - Basic Fixing Method


Fit the Perimeter Channels
Fit the Perimeter Channels in Position, Align and Fix to the supporting structure as per the engineering details.

Fixing to Wall Framing

Fit the Joists
From the Datum end fix the first joist in place (open side facing in) using the brackets supplied. Then fold out the first set of Fixing Tabs on the Perimeter Channel at the required joist spacing using the Tab tool or pliers. Slide the Floor Joist into position before folding out the next set and screw into place. Repeat for each following Floor Joist. Screw the Joists to the tabs with 8 Gauge Self Tapping Screws* working in sequence from one side to the other. The Joist at the end should have the ‘open’ side facing in and use angle bracket supplied.

Fixing to "C" Purlins

Fit the Ceiling Battens
Once all Floor Joists are screwed into place, fit the Ceiling Battens. Each batten fits over the lip of the floor joist and interlocks with the next batten. Battens are supplied matched to the centres of your specific floor. Screw your ceiling linings directly to the Ceiling Battens and Floor Joists.

Fixing to Concrete

The Batten system allows for a direct fix solution for ceiling linings giving a thinner mid floor dimension. Each batten piece is manufactured to suit the joist spacing and every join is swaged for a smooth finish (shown above)


Fit the Flooring and Line the Ceiling
Once you have completed all the above steps all you need to do is fit the flooring. We recommend the flooring is glued and screwed to the manufacturers specification. Ideally use 10 gauge screws* starting from the edge of flooring sheets and spaced at approximately 200mm centres.

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