• ExportNZ Award Win
    ExportNZ Award Win
    Howick Wins ExportNZ Best Medium Business Award!
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  • The Case for Light Gauge Steel
    The Case for Light Gauge Steel
    Light Gauge Steel Framing has become the preferred option for many of the world's leading construction companies, and it's not surprising why.
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  • Multiple applications
    Multiple applications
    From frame & truss, modular construction and roofing systems, through to residential and commercial construction
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  • The benefits of building with steel
    The benefits of building with steel
    From cost efficiencies to speed of construction
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  • Customer customization
    Customer customization
    Steel rollforming machines manufactured to your specifications
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Howick Ltd is a world-renowned, roll forming machine manufacturer, based in East Auckland, New Zealand. We sell superior steel roll forming machines for international residential and commercial applications ranging from framing systems to bathroom pods. A family enterprise, we have been operating since 1978.

We provide machines to over 75 countries, producing custom-made machines to clients’ specifications. Find out more about why companies from around the world trust Howick. 

Why Howick


Innovative roll forming machine applications

As technology continues to grow at a rapid speed and changes occur in the construction industry, Howick has remained at the forefront of roll forming machine manufacturing. We continue to lead by providing innovative solutions that keep our clients one step ahead. While the range of applications is increasing, here are the applications that can be achieved by using our bespoke machines.

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Project showcases

Whether it’s a commercial or residential project, Howick can manufacture a steel framing machine that will produce the steel componentry needed to complete the build. We have strategic alliances with a number of construction companies globally, who simply could not do what they do without our technology. Take a look at some of our partners' ventures.

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WINNERS OF ExportNZ Best Medium Business Award!

The entire team at Howick are pleased and proud to announce that they are the winners of the 2019 Air New Zealand Cargo ExportNZ Awards for Best Medium Business (exporting goods) Award. 

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The advantages of building with steel framing

If you haven’t considered the benefits of using steel to build versus wood, then watch this short animation which will make you rethink how you approach your next construction project.

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