FRAMA™ 7800

Multi-Purpose System: Frames, Trusses, Panels, Floor Joists (150 to 300mm / 6" to 12" Sections)

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The big brother to them all, the FRAMA™ 7800 is truly multi-purpose. It allows you to manufacture frames, trusses, panels or floor joists – with sections from 150 to 300mm (6” to 12”). With all the benefits outlined above for the FRAMA™ 7600, (this one is also convertible for up to 5 profile widths) it is available in 3 different configurations: for floor joist production; framing production; or customised with frame and joist tooling. 

The system offers a gauge range of 1.85 to 2.5mm (16 to 13 gauge) and outputs up to 750m or 2,460’ per hour.

The FRAMA™ 7800 is available in 3 configurations for floor joist production, framing production or as a customized set of frame and joist tooling. It is convertible up to 5 framing sizes.

With the unique design of the FRAMA™ 7800 machine, you can produce a single profile size and add additional tooling sets for remaining profile options as/or when needed, without the cost and complication of a multiple profile roll-former.

Howick's convertible machine design overcomes many of the compromises that go with making multiple sections with adjustable tooling. The compact design of FRAMA™ 7800 means less material wastage when changing section width and higher product accuracy. Convertible design ethos means you can add tooling for additional widths as required. If your production requirements increase, you can buy another base unit and use your existing tooling to run multiple lines at once. 

The machine operation is taken from Howick's proven reliable design concepts to minimize down time and maximize production.


FRAMA™ 7800
Dimensions L X W X H 7.4m x 1.2m x 1.8m 24' 3" x 3' 11" x 5' 10" 
Weight 8400kg 18519lb 
Drive Motor Power 15kW 20hp
Hydraulic Power 5.5kW 7.4hp
Hydraulic Tank 60L 15.85gal
Hydraulic Cooler  Optional
Forming Stages 13
Line Speed 21m/min 70'/min 
Production Speed 400 - 750m/hr.* 1312 - 2460'/hr.*
Touch Screen Panel PC (Windows 10)
Machine Control FRAMA Machine Control
Machine Input Files CSV
Tooling Varies depending on configuration selected
Component Marking Dual Head Inkjet Printer


   3.0T Decoiler 6600lb Decoiler
Dimensions L X W X H 1.35m x 1.0m x 1.45m 4' 5" x 3' 3" x 4' 9" 
Weight 700kg 1550lb
Drive Motor 4.0kW 5.4hp
Jaws 3 Jaw Self Centring
Jaw Expansion Hydraulic
Jaw Expansion Range 480mm - 520mm 1' 7'' - 1' 8 1/2'' 
Speed Control Dancer Arm with Inclinometer
  Auto Pause at Coil End
Max Coil Weight 3000kg 6600lb
Mac Coil Width 400mm 1'3 3/4''
Mac Coil OD 1500mm 4' 11"'
Nominal Bore 508mm 1' 8''
Safety CE, UL, Cat 3 Compliant
Guarding Fully Guarded Chains & Electrical Controls 
* Production Speed will vary due to component complexity.Howick Ltd Reserve the right to update the machine specification without notice.



Web Size

150mm  200mm 250mm 300mm 350mm
Flange Size 50mm 50mm 50mm 50mm 50mm
Lip Size 15mm 15mm 15mm 15mm 15mm
Nominal Coil Width 260mm 310mm 360mm 410mm 460mm
Service Hole 34.1mm 34.1mm 34.1mm 34.1mm 34.1mm
Swaged Service Hole - 80mm 140mm 140mm 140mm
Bolt Hole 13mm 13mm 13mm 13mm 13mm
Fixing Tab Single Single Double Double Double


Web Size

6''  8'' 10'' 12'' 14''
Flange Height 2" 2" 2" 2" 2"
Lip Size 5/8" 5/8" 5/8" 5/8" 5/8"
Nominal Coil Width 10 7/16'' 12 7/16'' 14 7/16'' 16 13/32'' 18 3/8"
Service Hole 1 1/2'' 1 1/2'' 1 1/2'' 1 1/2'' 1 1/2''
Swaged Service Hole 3'' 5.5'' 5.5'' 5.5''
Bolt Hole 1/2'' 1/2'' 1/2'' 1/2'' 1/2''
Fixing Tab Single Single Double Double Double

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