Floor Joists

The Howick floor joist system allows for accurate floor cassettes to be built for use in traditional building and modular applications.

Compared to the lattice truss floors, the FRAMA joist system uses a similar amount of steel and has similar spans. However, it has benefits in the speed of manufacture and ease of installation.

The FRAMA 6800 and FRAMA 7800 floor joist machines produce framing from steel coil up to 2.5mm thick.

The combination of specific punch tools gives this specialist machine the ability to produce joists and perimeter channels directly from one machine via software instructions, without any machine adjustments.

The Howick FRAMA joist system is an engineered solution providing exceptional performance and construction efficiency.

The steel joist system has been successfully used in a large number of projects. It is designed for strength and ease of installation, while offering economical spanning performance that is adaptable to a variety of building designs and construction methods.

The Howick steel joist system is the smart choice for: mezzanine floors in commercial buildings, portal framed sheds, platforms for industrial structures, residential subfloors on piles and bearers and transportable units.