Low Cost Housing System

Steel framing is the perfect answer for the huge need for low cost housing in developing nations and also for disaster relief. The building structure including all the walls and roof trusses can easily be produced in light gauge steel from Howick framing machines.

All the frame components are quickly produced with the location dimples and pre-punched screw/rivet holes ready for assembly and clearly marked. There is no additional cutting or post processing work needed, so low skilled local labor can be used to assemble the buildings with little supervision.

Once the structure is erected, it is clad and fitted out with locally available products or alternatively a cladding machine such as Howick’s double deck corrugator can be supplied which produces both a walling and roofing profile from a single machine.

In remote areas or for large sites, Howick’s mobile factory units allow the framing machines to be transported easily and secured while on-site.

Howick’s engineering and design partners can offer customized turnkey designs including building design, plans and engineering details required for different regions.