Tophat Purlins

Howick’s Tophat purlins offer a great alternative to C purlins and have many benefits for handling and shipping. Spans of up to 7m are achievable. Sample installation and span information is available here. Benefits include: 

  • The section is stable and self-stands while being fitted
  • The tophats can be fixed directly to their supports without the need for cleats
  • The symmetrical section means no braces are required to prevent twisting
  • Ridged lips allow for easy fixing
  • Product can be easily lapped for joining and optimal performance
  • They can be produced in long lengths only restricted by transportation
  • Tophats can be nested for transport allowing large quantities to be transported easily

The Howick FRAMA TH700 machine produces a 100mm, 120mm and 150mm tophat section in 0.95 and 1.15mm material. 

Tophat purlin jointing details

The Tophat sections can be lapped to increase their performance. Typical spans (NZ Standards):

  • 100mm 3.5m
  • 120mm 5m
  • 150mm 7m 

Tophat purlins are also commonly used in shed structures as they offer large spans with minimal material useage. 

Tophat purlin jointing details

Tophat purlin jointing details