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Truss System

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Howick’s H400 Truss System makes the production of light weight steel trusses simple and fast.

Without the capital expenditure or space requirements of traditional truss manufacturing plant would need.

The single section components allow the entire truss to be produced from a single machine as needed.

Howick’s Rivet unique system acts as both a fixing and a spacer as well as providing a connection point for bolts and other connections.


Advantages of Truss System

  • Light Weight.
  • Dimensionally accurate.
  • Fits standard Brackets and ties.
  • Can be doubled up for longer spans.
  • Riveted Joint allows for bolted attachments.
  • Howick's Rivet is equivalent to 5 standard screws.
  • The triple section connection (below) reduces the number of fixings and also increases the capacity of the truss.
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Truss spans of 18m are achievable in 0.95mm material dependent on local load requirements.

The Howick truss system is supported by a range of design packages allowing the design of the truss structures. The full range of software packages can be found on www.howickltd.com/software.

Truss D&E featured below provides the engineering detail for a wide range of building codes and structural requirements including wind, snow and seismic conditions.

Allowing the rapid design and costing for truss projects as well as the machine production files.




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