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SASFA Code Course Notes

SASFA has recently held a successful series of courses on the SASFA Building Code in the major centers of South Africa.

Copies of the Course Notes can be ordered, by clicking here.

Food for thought...

With the possible forced sale in the next few days of a rollformer manufacturer using the 'toll-roll' model. The question all potential and present rollformer owners must be asking is "Do I really own my machine if toll-roll or yearly license fees must be paid?"

If ownership of the parent company or main license holder changes. The existing pricing model could change and additional costs or higher fees may be demanded to cover the new owners purchase price.


Big 5

We will be at the Big 5 in Dubai from 23 - 26 November 2009

Come and see us on the Stand at the Dubai World Trade Centre


Howick website updated....

Howick Ltd. has updated the Howick website and added more features. The full range of Howick rollformers is now available on the website along with specifications, software links and case studies.



Roll out your Business Plan with greater prospects by contacting Howick Africa Now!



Visit http://www.howickltd.com/ for more  information.



Contact details:


Howick Limited

Contact: Deon Anderson

+64 9 5345569

117 Vincent Street

Howick, Auckland

New Zealand

Howick Africa

Contact: Craige During

+27 83 547 9930

Private Bag X1,

Postnet Suite 254,

Melkbos Strand, 7437

Cape Town, South Africa




Howick Africa can assist clients with the following;

  • Business plan for bank and/or funding applications.
  • Marketing and promotional material.
  • Training, fabrication and construction support.
  • Sales and customer support.
  • Construction, manufacture and specification manuals.
  • Software sourcing, installation and training.
  • Procurement of steel coil, fixing screws and associated tools.


Mobile factory units
Howick delivers new factory units...

Howick Ltd. has delivered a new mobile factory unit to a South African customer with an order for a 2nd mobile unit received. The mobile factory units are fully contained production facilities able to start producing frames, trusses and panels in under 24 hours. This makes the units ideal for manufacturing emergency housing or construction projects in remote and isolated areas.


Each mobile factory unit can be individually fitted out, based on your specific needs and include such items as; lighting, air-conditioning, work tops, storage space, generator set, power tools, fridge and PC. As with all Howick rollformers full machine and CAD training, if required, is supplied along with machine spares and tools. Depending on the transport and site requirements the mobile units can be set-up in 20', 30' or 40' containers. Howick Africa will also assist with the design of the mobile unit, specification and sourcing of local fittings and equipment.



New CAD Software option

Steel Framing Systems now available with the complete range of Howick rollformers...

SFS has many years of experience in providing Turn Key manufacturing systems using light gauge steel, and now with Howick Ltd. SFS is able to provide “Turn-Key” Steel Framing Systems with the range of dedicated steel framing machinery designed by Howick.   

SFS is able to deliver complete and integrated manufacturing systems which will design, detail, manufacture and assemble steel roof Trusses, Wall Panels and Flooring Systems. 

These Systems will typically include:

  • ProCAD -  Design and Detailing package for Trusses, Walls and Floors.
  • ProCAM & FrameWare -  Production optimisation and Machine Control Software.
  • Pre-Engineered Products - CeeCord, TCord and UCord Trusses, C90mm Wall systems and Cee purlin or webbed joist flooring systems.
  • Rollformers – Howick Machinery to interface and manufacture with the System. 




SFS have installed manufacturing systems around the world and some of the companies using their technology include:

Vela SBS South Africa - http://www.velasbs.co.za

Owners of re-branded Howick machines (i.e. FrameMaster F300 and F315) with unlocked control panels using ProCAD can still open and edit all FrameCAD drawings and CAD files. Steel Frame Systems is also able to provide LGS Systems which meet the new and developing SASFA 2007 Building Code. Including the following;

  • Complete detail of design loads and limitations.
  • Methodology used in the design of framing members.
  • Supporting design material including span tables, hold down charts, connection types and capacities, connection details for assembly and onsite installation.

Visit SFS - www.sfsint.com - for more information.



New Cladding System

Howick Africa now supplies a complete render system...


Howick Africa now supplies a complete render system imported from New Zealand. The render can be applied to polystyrene panels, brick veneer or fibre cement board and is available in a number of textures and finishes.The cavity based system has been specifically designed to provide a lightweight, crack resistant, 10mm solid plaster over the surface of 40mm or 60mm ribbed polystyrene backing sheets. The render system is based on ribbed polystyrene sheets fixed to the light gauge steel panel walls of a structure. The polystyrene sheets are coated with an acrylic modified, cement-based plaster reinforced with fibreglass mesh. The reinforced base coat is then finished with any of extensive range of plaster finishes to provide a robust, durable plaster system that incorporates all the excellent thermal and aesthetic properties associated with traditional polystyrene cladding systems.The system is guaranteed for a period of 15 years and can be used on steel or timber studs.








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