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Howick Limited Callaghan Growth Grant Funding

Howick Limited is pleased to announce the awarding of a 3 year Callaghan Growth Grant for the continual research and development of our new and innovative construction systems on a global stage.

Howick Engineering is a 3rd Generation family company that has a long history of designing and building innovative production machinery for both local and international markets.

Howick’s Steel frame systems have been used across the construction industry to build everything from small garages and low cost housing units through to large multi-storeyed hotel and apartment complexes. Including structures at the London and more recent Sochi Olympics as well as other projects in 57 countries.

Focusing on the unique needs of each customer for their region, applications as well as local regulations and codes, the need for continual development has driven us to develop a family of world leading technologies not only in steel framing but also composite systems, that overcome the technical challenges our customers face, while delivering cost and time savings.

Howick vision for the future is to bring about a step change in the construction industry to reduce build time, waste and costs bring construction more in line with other manufacturing processes.

With this in mind we recently held two events to share the knowledge we have gained through our global exposure. Our Innovation Conference an inward trade event bringing local and international attendees to our manufacturing facility to see both our latest technology and our partners with industry attendees from 12 countries. As well as being a founding member of Buildoffsite Australasia an organisation that originated in the UK that we are members of that educated the clients and the producers of the massive benefits and savings achievable across the construction industry, with headline figures being up to 30% cost savings and 50% time savings.

We are working closely with Auckland University to develop a range of new applications and construction technologies that will change the markets locally and international especially in the light commercial and earthquake strengthening segments. The Growth Grant allows us to bring these developments to market in a much shorter timeframe bosting Howick export potential.


For further information contact.

Nick Coubray

Director Howick Limited

+64 9 5345569

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