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XP Opens up the World to Frame Machine

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The latest update to the Howick Frame Machine includes a new machine control interface that runs on Windows XP. The flexibility achieved by basing the machine control on such a widely used and supported operating system adds connection and interface solutions previously difficult or impossible to obtain. 

The most obvious and practical of these is the use of a local area network either via cable or using WIFI. Having the ability to transfer job files directly to and from the rollformer from an administrator’s desktop is a major time saver. Combine this with the new “CSV” readable rollformer instruction code where quantities or lengths etc can be edited with a simple program such as “Notepad” and this makes the day to day organising of factory production much easier.  

With the rollformer appearing as another device on the network when a customer sends “CSV” files directly to the factory via email they can be loaded straight onto the machine ready to run. 

Once the basic network setup has been established other tools such as “Remote Administration” to give technicians the ability to remotely update software and rollformer production information can be recorded in the office. The broad use of “Bluetooth” devices today enable a job file to even be sent from a PDA or Mobile Phone into the rollformer. 

Sample of CSV instruction code: 


PROFILE, 45.00X89.00,Default Profile



Basic CSV Description:

The data above the “Component” tag is the file header information that describes the units used and the product profile used.  The information following the “Component” tag is specific to that component; Name, Printing orientation, number off, length and then each following tool name and position along the component. For the complete Howick CSV specification see the document “Component Specific Format CSV”

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