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In order to address the increasing demands on their business, Creative Modular Solutions, part of the Rooffix Group, has invested in a new frame machine, the Howick H500, the first of its kind in Scotland.

Creative Modular Solutions has a diverse portfolio of projects ranging from complete framing solutions  such as hospitals and hotels, to bathroom and kitchen pods for both residential and commercial markets.  As the business is enjoying rapid growth, with several large scale projects underway and others in the pipeline, Director, Jim Murdoch,  recognises the need to maximise production levels, whilst maintaining quality.  Jim commented,

“To fulfil client demands and the level of business we are attracting, Creative Modular Solutions identified the H500 as a major asset which met our objectives to increase efficiency in terms of materials, time and resources”. 

The intelligence behind the machine is the Vertex software that has the ability to read drawings created by our Design Team, eliminating the need to manually input information.  Frame components are then produced with absolute precision, ready for self clip assembly with no drilling or clamping required.  The 3D software can automate a schedule of material detailing quantities  required for each job.

Steven Hoey, Production  Manager, added “As well as the ability to produce quality components with complete accuracy, an added benefit to my team is that it is simple to train personnel in the operation of the H500 and is less labour intensive, with no requirement to manipulate rivets”.

Nick Coubray, European Manager of Howick stated, “As a global company, Howick equipment is operational throughout the world in many different environments.  I am particularly impressed by the progressive attitude within Creative Modular Solutions in Scotland and am delighted they have chosen the Howick H500 in conjunction with Vertex software.  The machine has the scope and ability to manage the diversity of the projects undertaken within this forward thinking company”.

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