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The Howick Framing Machine produces Steel Framing designed in any software that can output a CSV file according to the Howick specification. Customers can choose whichever software package they prefer.

Below is a list of Websites for Frame Design Software that can produce the Howick CSV and have had the output tested:

     Origin & Languages Supported

US Supplier of 3D CAD and data management software

 Image HSBCad
Autocad based 3D CAD Software for Building Design
 alt  alt  alt
     alt    + Many More
  StrucSoft Solutions
Wall and Floor Framing Software running on the Revit platform

Structural Design Software

 alt  alt  alt
   Tekla Howick Tools Description  alt  alt  + Many More
  Tekla Howick Tools Download   

Truss D&E
Truss Design and Engineering Software

 alt alt  alt

Vertex Head Office
Supplier of 3D CAD and data management software to Europe, Russia and CIS countries

 alt  alt  

Vertex UK
Supplier of 3D CAD and data management software to UK, Sth Africa and Middle East

 alt  alt  

Vertex Australia
Australasian supplier of 3D CAD and data management software

 alt  alt  

RFM Converter

Older Howick Frame Machines that use the RFM file format can now be used with modern software wth CSV output using the Howick CSV to RFM converter. This converter changes the modern CSV output over to the older RFM for the machine to read.

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