Santa Luisa, Colombia

Santa Luisa, Colombia

Santa Luisa, Colombia
Santa Luisa, Colombia
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Acerum, leaders in prefabricated modular construction, provide fast and environmentally friendly solutions compared to traditional construction. One of their clients, a school in Bogota, Colombia, depended on the efficiency and effectiveness of steel framing to ensure completion of their project in under 3 months.



Colegio Santa Luisa is a private Catholic educational institution owned by the Jesuit Community. The aim of the institution is to provide formal education to children at primary and middle school ages. To meet the local required school codes and standards, Colegio Santa Luisa was under pressure to replace eight classrooms that did not comply. As children regularly attend the school, the project needed to be completed during the school holiday period, allowing the construction team a very short time frame.

Steel framing was the best solution for Colegio Santa Luisa school as the speed of which it can be manufactured and installed, and its cost-effective nature, meant that the eight new classrooms were able to be completed in the required time frame on budget. In addition to this, Acerum also used steel framing to construct 2 new laboratories as well as offices, bathrooms and dining halls.

“Steel framing was the right option. It meant that 8 new classrooms, 2 laboratories, as well as offices, bathrooms and dining halls, were all able to be completed in the short time frame of three months.” Acerum SAS



With offices in Colombia and Panama, Acerum are able to serve the entire Latin American Market. They offer pre-fabricated technology which can create spaces that meet the same standards as conventional construction, but with 90% faster delivery times. Acerum optimise spaces and offer custom solutions for both modern and sophisticated designs.

Colegio Santa Luisa chose to work with Acerum SAS because of their ability to fulfil the needs of the school and with their help, the project was completed in the limited time frame of 90 days. Colegio Santa Luisa were very pleased with the final result of the project. Using light gauge steel compared to traditional construction methods, meant the project only took 30% of the time it might otherwise have taken using traditional construction methods, and saved the client 10% in expenses.


The Howick FRAMA 3200 ™ is a fully functioned, dedicated frame and truss component manufacturing machine. Frames are produced from material up to 1.2mm in thickness, ideal for both residential and commercial applications.


The FRAMA 3200 ™ features Howick’s unique end-bearing stud detail for the production of load-bearing frames. The Howick swage and dimple design allows for smooth joints and consequently, the wall lining sits flush against the framing. Remote access for fault finding is available for internet connected machines.

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