X-TENDA™ 3600

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Internal steel framing that fits. No matter what.

Frame any space fast, no matter what

One of the greatest challenges with interior refits is that internal spaces are rarely, if ever, straight. For installers of steel framing systems, this means lost time and wastage due to the need to measure and trim components onsite. 

Howick’s X-TENDA™ 3600 solves that problem with a breakthrough steel roll-forming system that manufactures telescopic framing for interior walls and ceilings. X-TENDA™ 3600 frames can be pre-assembled into non-load bearing panels and compressed for easy transport to the site, where they can be quickly expanded and adjusted for a precise fit every time.


How do the X-TENDA™ Telescopic Panels work?

The system works using three basic components: a C Stud, R Telescopic Stud and U Track. Because the R Telescopic Stud is slightly smaller in the web and flange, it can slide inside the standard C Stud, offering a precise range of adjustment.

X-TENDA™ 3600. The fastest way to build retrofit and infill framing.

Using BIM technology, the X-TENDA™ 3600 produces components ready to assemble.  The telescopic panel studs are nested together, allowing them to extend up or down for horizontal and vertical adjustment. Simply extend the panel upwards and outwards on each side to perfectly fit the most uneven space, with doors and windows that remain perfectly square.

Telescopic panels can be pre-assembled and compressed for delivery. Pre-punched and fixing holes are self-locating, allowing the frames to be snapped together quickly and accurately. The frames are strong, lightweight and retractable, making them easy to manoeuvre and ideal for tight spaces and refurbishments.

X-TENDA™ Installation

The X-TENDA telescopic panels can be compressed for easy manoeuvrability, then moved into place, extended and installed for the perfect fit.


Soffit Expanding Panels

Soffit Panels adjust up or down across the frame to a set height. This makes accurate levelling up a breeze as allowance can easily be made for non-level horizontal settings.

Watch the video of how this works.


Two-Axis Expanding Panels

Two-Axis Expanding Panels adjust upwards and outwards to fill the available opening. Within the frame itself, door and windows remain perfectly square.

Watch the video of how this works.


Multi-Axis Expanding Panels

Multi-Axis Expanding Panels adjust upwards and outwards on both sides. This allows for different angles within the available opening.

Watch the video of how this works.


Using telescopic panels manufactured by the X-TENDA™ 3600 can save you 50% or more on installation time, and open up a world of possibilities for interior installers, including:

Easy assembly

Complete panels can be assembled in the factory or onsite in minutes - with 100% confidence panels will fit the space required.

Easy transportation

Panels are lightweight and can be compressed – so they can be transported in contractor vehicles and then carried up elevators or moved around tight spaces.

Greater productivity

A team of two installers can single-handedly assemble panels, move them into place, and frame up a wall in half the time or faster than traditional methods.

Perfect fit every time

Panels can extend outward and upward to fit any uneven or non-level space. It will even accommodate changes to the area after the pre-installation measure, such as an uneven floor.

True window and door spaces

Within the frame, doors and window sections remain perfectly square. Soffit panels can be screwed into the ceiling and pulled down to a laser line level with the floor below. Panels can also be multi-axis to allow for any angle.

Eliminate waste and disturbance

Because there is no need for measuring, snipping and cutting onsite, the X-TENDA™ 3600 panels mean less wastage and no excess framing to remove at the end of the job - saving on time, labour and materials.

Our telescopic panels can be used in a wide variety of situations to increase the efficiency of almost any construction project.

Soffit Panels 

Soffit panels adjust up or down, across the frame to a set height. This makes accurate levelling up a breeze, as allowance can easily be made or non-level horizontal settings.

Wall Panels 

With Two-Axis and Multi-Axis expanding panel configurations, panels can adjust on the spot to the size and angle of any opening, with doors and windows remaining level and plumb.


Do away with the need to make onsite adjustments to accommodate for bulkhead spaces. Just line up the telescopic panels, drop to fit the area and line.

Raked or Vaulted Ceilings

Telescopic panels easily fit spaces which are demanding, for example, contemporary or period spaces with tricky, arbitrary designs and shapes. 


Often multi-storeyed refurbishment projects have limited workable space, limiting lift access, restricting workflows and schedules. Lightweight and retractable telescopic panel can squeeze into almost any area with ease.

Double T Installation

Framing out between pre-cast concrete double T flooring with our telescopic framing systems can now be done in a fraction of the time it takes using traditional methods.


X-TENDA™ 3600
Guage Range / Thickness 0.8 - 1.2mm 22 - 18 guage 
Profile Width Options 63.5 - 152.4mm 2 1/2 - 6" 
Profile Flange Height Options 41.3m 1625" 
Dimensions L X W X H 4.4m x 7m x 1.3m 14.4' x 23' x 4.3' 
Weight 2000kg 4409lb 
Drive Motor Power 4.0kW 5.4hp
Hydraulic Power 4.0kW 5.4hp
Hydraulic Tank 40L 10.6gal
Forming Stages  
Line Speed 30m/min 98'/min 
Production Speed 400 - 900m/hr.* 1312 - 2952'/hr
Touch Screen Panel PC (Windows 10)
Machine Control FRAMA Machine Control
Machine Input Files CSV
Component Marking Dual Head Inkjet Printer


   1.5T Decoiler 3300lb Decoiler
Dimensions L X W X H 1.05m x 1.2m x 1.68m 3.4' x 3.9' x 5.5' 
Weight 350kg 770lb
Drive Motor 2.2kW 3hp
Jaws 3 Jaw Self Centring
Jaw Expansion Hydraulic
Jaw Expansion Range 480mm - 520mm 1' 7'' - 1' 8 1/2'' 
Speed Control Dancer Arm with Inclinometer
  Auto pause at coil end
Max Coil Weight 1500kg 3300lb
Max Coil Width 200mm 8''
Mac Coil OD 1500mm 59''
Nominal Bore 508mm 20''

* Production Speed will vary due to component complexity. Howick Ltd Reserve the right to update the machine specification without notice.


Section Size

152.4mm  92mm 92mm
Web Width 152.4mm 92mm 92mm
Flange Height 41.3mm 41.3mm 41.3mm
Lip Width 10mm 10mm 10mm
Service Hole *1 34.1mm 34.1mm 34.1mm
Bolt Hole *2 13mm 13mm 13mm
Web Hole *3 3.5mm 3.5mm 3.5mm
Dimple Hole *4 3.5mm 3.5mm 3.5mm
Nominal Strip Width 253mm 192mm 192mm
Deflection Slot 38.1mm x 5mm 38.1mm x 5mm 38.1mm x 5mm
Max Material Thickness 0.55mm - 0.75mm 0.75mm - 0.95mm 0.95mm - 1.15mm


Section Size

6''  3 5/8'' 3 5/8''
Web Width 6' 3 5/8'' 3 5/8''
Flange Height 1 5/8" 1 5/8'' 1 5/8''
Lip Width 3/8" 3/8' 3/8''
Service Hole *1 1 11/32'' 1 11/32'' 1 11/32''
Bolt Hole *2 1/2'' 1/2'' 1/2''
Web Hole *3 1/8'' 1/8'' 1/8''
Dimple Hole *4 1/8'' 1/8'' 1/8''
Nominal Strip Width 9 61/64'' 7 9/16'' 7 9/16''
Deflection Slot 1 ½” x 5/64” 1 ½” x 5/64” 1 ½” x 5/64”
Max Material Thickness 24 - 22 Gauge 22 - 20 Gauge 20 - 18 Gauge

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