Design Software Partners

Howick framing machines produce steel framing designed in any software that can output a CSV file in line with our specifications. Customers can choose whichever software package they prefer.

Below is a list of websites for frame design software that can produce the Howick CSV and have had the output tested: 



An Autodesk Authorized Developer, AGACAD supplies software for framing steel and timber floors, walls, and roofs in Revit.

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FrameBuilder-MRD offers a comprehensive set of tools and modules to make LSF design and construction a breeze. 

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Argos Logo

Supplier of Vertex BD framing software to North and South America

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hsbcad software provides solutions to convert your architectural design into a production design and data without any loss of information.

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Strucsoft MWF

StrucSoft Solutions

Revit-based wall, floor, & truss frame modelling, coordination, engineering, and manufacturing.

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Tekla Logo


Tekla Structures software produces 3D intelligent constructible models for the construction industry. 

Tekla Maintenance users can download the Howick tools free.

Download Howick tools instructions.

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Truss D&E 
Truss Design and Engineering Software

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Vertex Systems
Supplier of Vertex BD - Leading BIM software for steel and wood framed construction.

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RFM Converter

Older Howick Frame Machines that use the RFM file format can now be used with modern software wth CSV output using the Howick CSV to RFM converter. This converter changes the modern CSV output over to the older RFM for the machine to read. 

Customers that have a library of RFD design output can now convert their existing data into CSV output using the Howick RFD to CSV converter. This enables customers to use whichever CAD design software they prefer, now and in the future.

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