Howick File Converter

Howick's file converter has the ability to convert RFD files into CSV files and CSV files into RFM files

The Howick FRAMA stand alone converter software allows users of Howick machines to import legacy software files to newer controllers and convert newer csv outputs for older machines including:

  • rfm to csv version 1
  • rfd to csv version 1
  • rfd to csv version 2
  • csv to rfm

Files matching Howick’s CSV Version 1 or CSV Version 2 specification are accepted for manufacturing. The File Converter can be added as an option the FRAMA Series Machine Control so files can be converted natively. This software has been developed and optimised to run on Windows 10 operating systems. It will not operate on operating systems prior to windows 7*.

*A previous version of the file converter is available for pre windows 7 operating systems.

Main Screen Function Overview

All the software’s main functions are performed from the main screen.

Converter software main screen

1. Source Files

Select the location of the files to be converted.

Note: on some servers, the files will not convert it is best to convert on a local drive where possible.

2. Destination Directory

Select the location for the output of the conversion files. 

3. Output Format

There are three options for file conversion output.Converter output format

  • RFM for older dos based controllers.
  • CSV (v1) for Frame Machine Control Series machine controllers
  • CSV (v2) for FRAMA Series machine controllers 

4. Convert Button

Press this button to convert the files. 

5. Open Destination Directory

Opens the selected destination directory to view files.

6. Message Box.

Gives details of the file conversion including completion or failure notes. 

What Howick Controller do I have?

The screen shots below will help you identify your controller version.

FRAMA Controller


  • CSV (v2) with display of frame picture
  • CSV (v1) with display of components
  • *RFM with display of components
  • *RFD with display of frame picture

*If converter option is enabled

 FRAMA control system main screen

Frame Machine Control 

Accepts CSV (version 1) only.

 Frame machine control

DOS Controller

Accepts rfm files only.

Dos control

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