FRAMA™ Machine Control Software


The Howick FRAMA Machine Control is a custom developed interface that is easy to use and learn. It provides control of all the features of the Howick Machines.

Features include:

  • Display the panel progress on screen
  • Load and run CSV files from a wide range of software partners
  • Organise files and set production stop points
  • Import legacy files with the File converter option
  • Display diagnostic data
  • Manually create cutting lists
  • Track coil, operators and production data
  • Add custom text and certification marking to all components
  • Tune and calibrate you FRAMA machine
  • Coil calculator to estimate coil yield
  • Export functions for diagnostics, production data and configurations

We are constantly working on new features and developments, many of which are back datable to our FRAMA generation machines.


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