Howick adopting AR to give customers an edge


Howick is continuing to evolve its offering with smart technology.  

With a diverse range of Howick machines used in the construction industry world-wide, it is vital that support is never a world away, even in a pandemic. As a result, the company has now turned the current restrictions on global travel into an opportunity to advance its offering.

Howick support close at hand

As Nick Coubray, Howick’s CEO puts it: “We place a huge emphasis on premium support for our customers, so we wanted to find a way to not just emulate our pre-Covid support service, but take it up a notch too”.

This has led the company to adopt Augmented Reality (AR) technology, with the Mira ‘wearable workflow platform’, as the enabler. The Mira platform was chosen for its ease of use, as well as its potential for future applications in quality control, compliance and workflow authoring. 

The system creates a virtual ‘in-person experience’, so Howick’s team can guide and direct customers through engineering support requirements, remote commissioning and training needs. Howick is rolling out the  PPE compatible hard hats fitted with the Mira AR technology to new customers currently.  

As Nick points out: “Given we have such a diverse range of tailor-made machines and technology going into the market, we needed something that gave us a truly engaging experience. We spent a lot of time experimenting with various solutions. The Mira system proved to be the best hands-free option available. We’ve live-tested it now on multiple sites, and it’s been well received.” 

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September 2020   #News