Why Howick

Howick world famous rollforming machines

Howick Ltd is internationally recognized as an innovative and trusted specialist rollforming manufacturer of quality machinery. Our reputation for ongoing service and support is second to none. We have designed and manufactured machines since 1978, producing quality equipment for steel frame construction worldwide under our proprietary FRAMA machine brand.

Our steel framing machines place all punching and fixing holes through accurate computer control. This not only allows frames and trusses to be manufactured with extreme precision, but enables the frame to be self-locating and jigging.

Howick frame machines have been specifically designed for frame manufacturers and can be fed data from any partnered CAD framing package. The equipment is available complete with an open language (CSV) control system.

Benefits of Howick FRAMA™ Systems

Here are some of the reasons why Howick FRAMA machines are such highly respected steel forming machines: 

  • Industry leading technology
  • Innovative design and function
  • Exceptional quality and reliability
  • Speed and accuracy of function across the range of machines
  • Excellent purchase value and return on investment
  • No license or toll rolling fees
  • World leading software links
  • All machinery is CE and UL compliant
  • Open language interface, choice of software
  • Reduction in the cost of long-term ownership
  • Exact imprint of design and engineering from CAD software
  • Customized, imbedded component marking
  • Unique features enabling construction of 11-story buildings

Howick FRAMA True Load-Bearing Joints

Howick’s unique end bearing stud detail allows the construction on load-bearing frames for multi-storeyed structures.




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