FRAMA™ Mobile Factory

Mobile factories are available for all Howick frame and truss machines. Mobile factories are used for remote sites and also for disaster relief. The mobile factory can be supplied with a generator so it is ready for use as soon as it is unloaded on to level ground.

Howick can supply two different sized mobile factories: 

  • 20’ unit for the FRAMA™ 3200 machine
  • 40’ unit for larger Howick framing machines

Howick’s mobile factories are set up ready to run without the need to remove any of the machinery components from the factory units to operate.

Mobile factories come complete with the machine and decoiler of your choice, gantry crane for loading coils, work bench and tool lockers. Customized specifications are available on request.

A twin mobile factory setup is also available consisting of two units, one with a framing machine and the second with a double deck corrugator rollformer which produces a roofing profile and a cladding profile. These are used to clad the frames providing rapid shelter for disaster areas.



  • Mobile factory is transported by ship and container truck to site.
  • Factory is lowered onto level ground.
  • Power connected via mains or appropriate generator to the external factory connection.
  • Factory doors are opened, out-feed tables positioned and coil loaded, and the machine is ready to operate.
  • Once the frames are run they can be assembled and stood as the structure.
  • The structure is then clad with locally available materials or alternatively the corrugate profiles from a second machine.

A 40-square meter structure (430.56 square foot) can be rolled in 1 and 1/2 hours ready for assembly. Howick’s partners can provide building designs ready for manufacture, including all assembly drawings and engineering details. 

Mobile factories are containerized for easy shipping.