Cost-efficient with Henrob rivets

Cost-efficient with Henrob rivets Cost-efficient with Henrob rivets
Cost-efficient with Henrob rivets-thumb Cost-efficient with Henrob rivets-thumb

Fastest and more cost-efficient with Henrob rivets 

The ever-increasing global popularity of steel frames for domestic house construction grows, meanwhile traditional steel fabrication tech niques, such as MIG welding, blind riveting, bolting etc. are proving too costly, damaging and unreliable to meet the increasing volume and quality required in today’s demanding marketplace.

Consequently, manufacturers world-wide are adopting Henrob self-piercing riveting as the primary method of construction for the steel frames, lintels, floor joists and roof trusses that are used in this method of house construction.

The benefits of using Henrob self-piercing riveting over existing methods of joining zinc-coated steel include:

  • Self-pierce riveting is a cold forming process therefore there is no burning of the zinc coating on galvanized steel sheet. This means that the corrosion resistance of the frame is not compromised and there is no need to dress and paint a weld zone. Also, the strength of the steel is not reduced, as may be the case in the heat-affected areas of a welded frame
  • No zinc fumes are given off during riveting, resulting in a clean working environment without the need for extraction
  • No holes are required for self-piercing rivets, therefore there is no swarf generated and there are no subsequent alignment problems
  • No holes also mean no purchasing stocks of replacement drill bits – the consumables needed for Henrob riveting tools last 25,000+ cycles
  • Henrob self-piercing riveting is a fast (around 2 seconds to set a rivet) one shot process giving a consistent, high quality joint

Henrob riveting process

Henrob use 5mm rivets for steel frame construction, rivet length selection is dependent on material gauges and grades and joint strength requirements.

Henrob provides a full service of joint design, using in-house production and testing facilities to supply joint strength data and corrosion test certification.

Henrob self-pierce rivets compare favorably both in ultimate tensile strength and overall energy absorption with the alternative fixing methods.