LGS Watton St Riviere

Melbourne, Australia

LGS Watton St Riviere
LGS Watton St Riviere
LGS Watton St Riviere
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LGS Solutions, a division of GB Amos in Melbourne Australia, is a ‘one-stop steel-shop’ offering cutting edge Light Gauge Steel (LGS) solutions to the local building industry. One of their recent clients in Werribee City, Melbourne embraced the effortless efficiency of LGS framing, the fabrication and installation of the 36 exclusive residences being completed 30% faster than traditional construction methods.



To achieve the project deadlines LGS Solutions’ client, ARC3, a boutique construction company, needed a quick, effective solution. They also needed a solution that would align with the high-end contemporary design from Warren Lee Architecture. The use of LGS steel framing meant that savings in time and costs were able to be apportioned to the exquisite facades of glass, stone, and concrete, creating a modern upmarket building that is set to become a hallmark address in the heart of Werribee.

ARC3 chose LGS because of its ability to be fabricated and installed quickly, easily, efficiently, and with all the benefits that come with LGS including straighter walls, pre-punched service and bolt holes, and accuracy to within approximately 0.5mm. This makes installation and completing the build a quick and simple process for everyone involved. LGS is also lighter to work with and with the majority of the manufacturing and detailing pre-fabricated offsite at the LGS Solutions, onsite impact is markedly reduced.

“We carried out the installation of the structural steel on the project as well as manufacturing and pre-fabricating all of the LGS framing components, making us a one-stop steel shop for the builder.” Tal Amos, LGS Solutions



The brainchild of Tal Amos, son of Gabi Amos, who is the founder of GB Amos Metal Engineering in Melbourne, LGS Solutions focusses on light gauge steel framing. Tal could see where the future of the building industry was headed, and recognising their unique opportunity as metal engineers and structural steel designers and fabricators, he came up with the idea to diversify into light gauge steel. With LGS Solutions working alongside the original business, GB Amos which supplies structural steel for large commercial building projects, the two businesses have building with steel covered across the industry. While Tal heads up the new LGS Solutions division, Ben continues to work with Gabi in the original business supplying structural steel for large commercial building projects. With GB Amos and LGS Solutions, the family has building with steel covered across the industry.

“Our speciality is that we do structural steel and light gauge steel in-house, engineered to work together on site.”  Tal Amos, LGS Solutions

When the Amos family made the decision to diversify into light gauge steel fabrication they set about researching the best steel roll-forming technology they could find to ensure the integrity and durability, and precision of their products. They approached Howick Ltd in New Zealand, and after some discussion and demonstrations, they knew they had found the roll-forming machinery that would deliver the best results for their customers.

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A bold vision of contemporary elegance, the Watton St Riviere residential complex comprises of 36 luxury apartments in the heart of Werribee City, Melbourne. The ground level also houses an attractive collection of cafes, shops, and boutiques making the building a desirable location for young professionals and families. Each apartment is spacious and graciously decorated featuring the highest quality fixtures and finishings. This is one of the many benefits of LGS framing – the application is ideal for any design whether it be simple or lavish.


The Howick FRAMA 3200 ™ is a fully functioned, dedicated frame and truss component manufacturing machine. Frames are produced from material up to 1.2mm in thickness, ideal for both residential and commercial applications.


The FRAMA 3200 ™ features Howick’s unique end-bearing stud detail for the production of load-bearing frames. The Howick swage and dimple design allows for smooth joints and consequently, the wall lining sits flush against the framing. Remote access for fault finding is available for internet connected machines.

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