Ramsgate, Kent, UK

Kent, UK

Ramsgate, Kent, UK
Ramsgate, Kent, UK
Ramsgate, Kent, UK
Ramsgate, Kent, UK
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One of Howick Ltd’s international clients, Horizon Offsite in Ireland, UK was contracted to supply the full structural system for a multi-unit development in Ramsgate, Kent. The 20 units were a mix of social housing and privately owned dwellings. 



All panels, infills, and all steel-work including the LGS (Light Gauge Steel) framing, for the Ramsgate project, was completed offsite. Once complete, the elements were transported ready for install and assembly on site. This process has proved a winning system for Horizon. They have been in the industry for over 80 years and know what works. Their LGS building systems for commercial, education, residential, and industrial developments are cost-effective, energy efficient, and time-saving and they stand by the strength, reliability, and versatility of their products and systems.

Their highly skilled design engineers use Vertex framing software which quickly and easily translates to the Howick FRAMA machine on the floor of their state of the art factory in Cahir, Tipperary, Ireland. Once delivered to the site, the structural systems can be erected in as little as a few days instead of months. And the accuracy can be within 0.06%, saving significantly on materials, time, and waste.

The client, Ferndale Construction, chose LGS because of the efficient, low-cost and fast application of the product. The company prides itself on their ability to innovate and they take the greatest of care in the planning and design of the properties they build. Their reputation for delivering beyond expectations was one of the factors that led the Ferndale team to Horizon and the use of LGS. They are passionate about new ideas, transparency in communication, building strong and long-lasting relationships with their clients, and their commitment to valuing engineering gives their customers the complete assurance of professional, qualified and reliable workmanship. Their expectations for this particular project were well and truly met and Ferndale Construction was very happy with the result from Horizon’s LGS offsite system. 


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The Ramsgate project was scheduled to be complete within 27 weeks. The nature of offsite construction and the efficiency and accuracy of Horizon’s systems, this deadline was met. Fully insulated external and internal frames, concrete and joist flooring, and truss roof framing was designed, manufactured, and delivered to site well within the timeframe required. There were no challenges, no last minute issues or problems, no delays or hold-ups. The outcome was exactly as promised resulting in another satisfied and happy client.

The Howick roll forming machine is the critical path through the Horizon business. All steel componentry incorporated into our frames have been rolled through the Howick machine. With a large manufacturing facility, we need a roll former that can produce high quality products at high speed, and the Howick FRAMA 5600 delivers every time. Our clients reap the benefits - exceptional products delivered fast.” Horizon Offsite


The Howick FRAMA 5600™ is a fully functioned, dedicated frame and truss component manufacturing machine that produces heavier and wider sectioned frames. Formed from material up to 1.6mm in thickness.


The FRAMA 5600 ™ features Howick’s unique end-bearing stud detail for the production of load-bearing frames. The FRAMA 5600 ™ can roll up to 1.6mm coil for greater loading capacity and has space for 2 custom tools for greater flexibility.

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