Cold formed steel “clouds” win top 2024 CFSEI Creative Detail award

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Not every cloud has a silver lining – some have cold-formed steel (CFS) stud framing instead.

These unique "bubble" cloud creations on the Mario KartTM Ride at Universal Studios Hollywood have just won the prestigious 2024 CFSEI Creative Detail award for their pioneering use of CFS framing.

Created by Ensign Engineering in collaboration with Universal Creative, AECOM, Howick customer KHS&S and STUD-IO, each cloud incorporates steel studs rolled and cut on a Howick machine to map precisely to a complex 3D model.

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The result is a striking platform that is both structural and sculptural in nature and captures the essence of clouds. They are also perfect examples of what can be achieved with CFS fabrication, human creativity and industry collaboration:

This collaborative process allowed for the construction of stunning, yet functional platforms that captured the essence of the Mario KartTM clouds.

“Solving the technical challenges required extensive teamwork, engineering creativity and pushing fabrication boundaries. The result is a visually striking sculptural statement delivered through innovation.

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– Extract from:
Ensign Engineering Wins Top 2024 CFSEI Creative Detail Award for Universal Studios’ Mario Kart™ Ride

Read the full article now to learn how Ensign Engineering solved the many structural design challenges of these organic curved shapes using 3D modelling and cold-formed steel.

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