Frameclad SFS stealing the advantage

Acknowledging the opportunities offered by offsite and modular construction has been a key factor in the success story of UK company Frameclad SFS.

In establishing itself as a merchant-focused company, Frameclad became an early adoptor of Light Gauge Steel Framing (LGSF) technology and offsite construction. The benefits of LGSF in terms of efficiency, speed, low waste and cost savings were recognised from the get-go. For the past six years the company has focused on designing, manufacturing and supplying LGSF components, frames and structures for the construction industry.

It is a move that has been this forward-looking company’s springboard to success. Frameclad has grown tenfold from GBP (British Pound Sterling) 700,000 to GBP 7.5 million in 6 years, and the company is on a 25 percent growth trajectory.

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Frameclad Executive Team: L to R, Paul Winwood - Managing Director, Phil Dufty - Operations Director, Mark Munns - Founder & CEO, Martin Jamieson - Commercial Director


Frameclad Founder and Chief Executive Mark Munns assures his company has more than ample capacity to accommodate growth without breaking a sweat. And it is well poised to meet increased demand within the industry for the adoption of Modern Methods of Construction.

He says Frameclad’s growth as a manufacturing company can be attributed largely to its focus on investment in state of the art machinery, modern facilities and in quality personnel, and also having the ability to anticipate what the market requires.

That investment focus incorporates GBP 2 million in machinery – a Howick automated roll-forming machine was an early purchase. It provided capacity, speed and a level of complexity and sophistication of product that placed Frameclad at a distinct advantage. More Howick machines were to follow.

Very quickly Frameclad recognised and seized the opportunity to commence the manufacture of pre-made framing packs that can either be supplied loose or assembled at the company’s Dudley site. And very quickly its facilities on that site needed to be extended.

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Mark explains that panel production is best served via a production line type set up, and as a consequence of this - plus ever increasing sales volumes and requirements - Frameclad substantially increased its manufacturing space where the framing and the roll forming from the Howick machines are consolidated.

This future-focused company was never going to rest on its laurels. Frameclad has now set in place a process to develop the manufacturing elements of its business further with the addition of specialist framing machinery and the order of further roll-forming machinery from Howick (there are now four Howick machines being put to good use.) 

Embracing smarter ways of doing things has gained Frameclad a leader-of-the-pack reputation over the years. Frameclad has also acquired a number of impressive accreditations, for example industry certifications including the hard-earned NHBC/ SCI accreditation and BOPAS for both infill and load bearing systems

The company’s reach is wide, from serving the basic requirements whereby clients require stock lengths and components, to the multi-storey, pre-designed and fully assembled requirement of offsite construction. 

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October 2020   #Features