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Stealing the advantage


Welcome to In the Frame for October 2020.

Our September newsletter highlighted McKinsey research stating that some $265 billion dollars is up for grabs in at risk profit for smart construction businesses. Offsite and fast-build technologies are at the heart of this shift, so this month we zoom in on the benefits of building with light steel. We also showcase work currently being undertaken by Howick customers that provide evidence for how these benefits come to life.  .

Steel vs Timber: 10 Reasons you should make the shift to steel for framing

Those businesses that have already made the shift to steel framing may have stolen an advantage. Yet all is not lost! If you haven't already done so, you may be surprised at how easy it can be to transition to modular offsite construction using light gauge steel (LGS - alternatively known as Cold Formed Steel) for framing.
The benefits are numerous. At the basic level you will deliver projects faster, which will help keep customers happy, potentially secure performance bonuses and can help you gain more projects. To check out the full range of benefits, read the full story...



Cyprometal applies FRAMA 7600 for house build in 4 weeks.


Cyprometal is involved in a host of steel construction projects. After securing a new Howick FRAMA 7600, Cyprometal raised their first house built with the system in just over 4 weeks. 


Frameclad use light steel to fast-track 9-storey apartment block.

Frameclad Showcase for Howick
Frameclad is one of the leading modular steel construction businesses in the UK. This city-centre project required the firm to fast track construction and limit build time on site. Light steel offsite techniques came into their own.

Looking to steal the advantage? Shift to Howick and build with steel.


If you are still framing up in timber, or you are using second rate technology and suffering from poor reliability and performance in your offiste construction requirements, talk to us about how Howick technology can benefit you. Visit our website, or email us to find out more.


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