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265 billion reasons to embrace smarter ways to build.

Welcome to In the Frame for September 2020.
McKinsey has recently forecast that about 45% of incumbent value in the construction sector ($265 billion) is up for grabs for those capable of adopting more agile ways of working. Modular construction alone grew by 50% in the US between 2015 and 2018, and our experience suggests that this shift is escalating.

While Howick has long been involved in helping construction businesses build smarter, we've also had to continue to evolve to adapt to changing opportunities.

Augmented Reality keeps support close at hand.

With a world-wide customer base and increasing global demand, we needed to find new ways to work smarter given C-19-enforced travel restrictions. We've now introduced an augmented reality (AR) solution for engineering support, remote commissioning and training for new customers.
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CSG highlights superior engineering advantage.

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Find out how our smart technology can help your construction business grow.


Whether you currently build in steel or not, talk to us about how Howick technology can benefit your construction business. Visit our website, or email us to find out more.


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