Shaping the world of construction by reimagining modular - Part four

Since creating this article and video series, MODLOGIQ has acquired the equipment, rehired the employees, and completed a new lease for the facility formerly occupied by ToVee. To visit their new website, click here or read the press release here.

With Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) pushing new boundaries, modular companies are reimagining the way we build.

But how exactly is modular reimagining the way we build, and why do those in the know consider it to be the future?

To find out how exactly we invited Dave Cooper to visit ToVee, a modular company we first interviewed back in 2020, and follow a project from concept to completion and see how ToVee are reducing costs, compressing schedules, and improving quality by integrating different technologies.


In part four of our six-part series, Dave and Russ look at how you assemble cold formed steel wall panels in the factory after they have been formed.

Thanks to the Howick FRAMA™ 7800, all the studs and other components for every panel are printed together as a kit ready for assembly on the framing line. Complete load-bearing frames are assembled on the floor, squared off and taken to the sheeting station. Once the first structural substrate is applied, the frame will stay square and is ready for shipping.  And in this video, window application has been applied for yet another leap forward in the project’s timeline.

As Dave points out, this seamless process is only possible because of the accuracy, labeling and careful sequencing of the Howick machine.

“They're just putting it together and it's all numbered. They know exactly where it goes.”

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In part 5, before heading to dispatch, Dave and Russ first check out ToVee’s smaller Howick machine, the FRAMA™ 5600 and explore how this second machine helps to cut project costs.

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May 2023   #Features