Shaping the world of construction by reimagining modular - Part six

Since creating this article and video series, MODLOGIQ has acquired the equipment, rehired the employees, and completed a new lease for the facility formerly occupied by ToVee. To visit their new website, click here or read the press release here.

With Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) pushing new boundaries, modular companies are reimagining the way we build.

But how exactly is modular reimagining the way we build, and why do those in the know consider it to be the future?

To find out how exactly we invited Dave Cooper to visit ToVee, a modular company we first interviewed back in 2020, and follow a project from concept to completion and see how ToVee are reducing costs, compressing schedules, and improving quality by integrating different technologies.

In part six of our six-part series, Dave and Russ check out how the assembled panels are stored and dispatched to maximise productivity onsite and reduce site disruption.  

ToVee’s dispatch zone looks like a small city block during a big job, with panels neatly stacked into cages and lined up in grids ready for just-in-time delivery. Here, the careful coordination in the design and manufacturing phases starts to pay dividends.

“When we have our panels come off the line, they get loaded into these cages. They'll get loaded in the proper sequence of where they need to go and in the order that they need to set them,” says Russ.

The cages are then loaded in a specific sequence onto trucks, delivered and craned to the exact place teams need them to start installing. Lifting panels en-masse rather than individually can dramatically increase productivity and reduce site disruption and safety risks.

“We take that crane boom time to 2-3 minutes per panel ­– not 8-10.”

About 650 wall panels were needed for this project, including interior walls, load bearing walls and shear walls. The precise planning from design-to-installation has the potential to reduce crane time and site disruption by more than 70 hours alone.

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June 2023   #Features