TIPABIN: Turning a manufacturing waste problem into a time saving solution for any factory floor.

Howick has never been the company to waste a good problem. Here is how it turned a factory floor waste issue into an innovative system that makes shifting by-product easier, faster and safer. This is the story of the problem solving and engineering that led to TIPABIN®.


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When steel framing systems manufacturer, Howick Limited, struggled to find an efficient, less time-consuming way to keep the factory floor clear of waste, the team’s instinct for innovation kicked in.

“We needed to spend less time cleaning up steel shavings, and more time doing what we are passionate about,” explained Founder, Bruce Coubray.

A factory waste problem we needed to clear up ourselves

Bruce explains that his search for a more effective, efficient solution that is readily available did not go well:

“There was nothing on the market. Everything was cumbersome, impractical and expensive. We realised this was a problem we could better solve ourselves.”

So Howick’s engineers set about creating a solution to save time and increase productivity. 

The initial idea was for a bin that could attach to a forklift to eliminate manual handling and make moving the waste and product easier. This would also contribute to a safer environment for everyone on the factory floor.

One product, countless iterations

Howick has spent the last 40+ years pioneering new technology in precision manufacturing. Over that time, the team has gotten used to solving difficult engineering challenges, but the early iterations of TIPABIN® still took time. 

During prototype testing the team realised that steel drums were no good, so they moved to custom moulded plastic bins: 

“With plastic, we could really play around with the dimensions. By using the square shape that plastic allowed, we doubled capacity within the same footprint,” Bruce explained.

“Plus, [custom moulded] plastic is nearly indestructible, and that longer lifetime was a key feature for us.”

Built on the factory floor, for the factory floor

At this stage, the Howick team had almost completed a prototype for the bin but they needed to solve the last (and perhaps most difficult) problem. To design a product handling system that could be safely and easily manoeuvred around the factory floor.

The team created a sleeve system to connect directly to the forklift. This eliminated manual handling of waste and product completely. The new design allowed you to pick up, tip and return a bin without leaving the forklift chair - and move the bin easily by hand using a custom handle.

Safer, easier, faster waste management and product handling 

The result of all the experimentation, testing and adjustment was the ideal waste system. It allows users to move product or transfer waste from the bin into a skip using a forklift in seconds without any manual handling. Bruce says the bin’s success is ultimately down to his team’s input:

TIPABIN® is a great product because the people who use it every day helped shape its design. That inclusive culture is a key ingredient in everything we do.”

At the end of the design process, the Howick team started using the system right away and found that they transformed the factory floor and saved significant time. They quickly realised the product had potential beyond Howick:

“The system was created as a solution for our waste problem, but the future applications are extremely broad. Anyone who needs to dispose of waste or move product faster, easier and safer would benefit from using TIPABIN®.”

Available in both 200L and 400L sizes, this is a smarter way to handle your manufacturing waste and make moving product easier. No hassles, mess or mishaps.


For more information, visit TIPABIN.com. To order, email nick@howickltd.com or call 09 534 5569

March 2023   #News