X-CALIBR™ - The new secret weapon for large span structural portal construction

In its latest innovation, Howick has joined forces with sister NZ company Central Steel Framing (CSF) to evolve its roll-forming technology, creating an all-new roll-formed structural system. The new system, branded X-CALIBRTM, makes it possible to create large span portal buildings without the need for traditional hot-rolled structural steel. 



A game-changing innovation for structural steel construction.

The new Howick technology creates a roll-formed structural steel system that is completely pre-fabricated, without the need for drilling, cutting, welding or measuring. Configured as beams, columns, wind posts, rafters, girts and purlins, the members produced require significantly less raw material, while being of equal strength to hot-rolled structural steel.

As a result, the X-CALIBRTM roll-formed system offers significant savings in time, labour and in base material costs over traditional structural steel construction.

The introduction of the X-CALIBRTM  technology marks the continuation of a long history of innovations by Howick designed to help the building industry build better buildings more efficiently. The X-CALIBRTM roll-formed system is currently available only in New Zealand through CSF.

X-CALIBR™ slashes construction time without compromising strength.

Using X-CALIBR™, a large span building can be framed in a matter of hours instead of days. The precision members it produces are sized and pre-drilled before being assembled into sections using rivets and connecting plates. They are then delivered to site, ready to be assembled without the need for sorting, cutting, welding, blasting or painting.

X-CALIBR™ does not just save time. The roll-forming process uses significantly less raw steel. Because the output is lighter in weight, more sections can be transported at a time, reducing transportation costs, and lessening the reliance on heavy equipment during unloading.

X-CALIBR™ sections maintain parity in strength with traditional steel, offering the advantage of lower weight without compromising structural integrity.

X-CALIBR™ in action: CSF’s Tokoroa Installation. 

Howick’s sister company CSF worked with a local developer in Tokoroa, New Zealand, to fabricate a large 25m x 44m industrial building.

The building is constructed entirely with X-CALIBR™ rafters, columns, girts and purlins.

The X-CALIBR™ components were manufactured in six days, with the portals assembled and erected onsite using a single crane and an access lifting platform in just four hours.

Unmatched versatility on any site.

X-CALIBR™ is ideal for a range of applications, from commercial and industrial to warehouses, workshops, and farm sheds, where its reduced weight over traditional steel makes it well suited to building on softer ground.

Backed by Howick innovation, X-CALIBR™ is set to reshape steel construction – initially in New Zealand.

Efficient, accurate and more cost-effective.

Efficient, accurate and cost-effective, X-CALIBRTM has the potential to change the way large span steel structures are built. Stay ahead of the game, and find out more about the X-CALIBRTM System.

As mentioned, the products manufactured are currently only available in New Zealand via Howick’s sister company, Central Steel Framing.



January 2024   #News