Why build with Light Gauge Steel? Less Waste Than Timber

Light gauge steel offers 10 times less waste than timber

Working with roll-formed light gauge steel (LGS), you can significantly reduce wastage through the build process compared to traditional timber-based construction.  Indeed, LGS in construction has an average of just 2% wastage, compared to up to 20% for timber1

Our customer feedback1 supports these findings, with the total material waste for 0.75mm light gauge steel averaging only 3%, compared to 20% timber construction waste for customers using 3.5 inch timber studs.

BRANZ2, which aims for 90% recycling of construction waste2,  supports these findings in the recent refurbishment of its own offices, where the ratio of steel to timber construction waste was 2:20 (ten times less).


1 SFA_Framing_Guide_07.pdf

2 Build125-78-BRANZRefurbishment-RecyclingConstruction.pdf


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