Why Light Gauge Steel - Waste

10 Times Less Waste Than Timber

Reduce project waste through more accurate construction and light gauge steel

In contrast to the amount of waste produced by traditional timber-based construction methods, light gauge steel offsite and modular construction methods promote the efficient and effective use of materials, leading to significant reductions in construction waste. Studies1 have shown that using light gauge steel in the construction process can result in an average of 2% steel construction waste, compared to up to 20% timber construction waste.

Howick's ongoing customer analysis supports these findings with the total material waste for steel (0.75mm light gauge steel) averaging only 3%, compared to 20% timber construction waste with customers using 3.5 inch timber studs.

BRANZ2, who aim to recycle 90% of construction waste, also back these findings.  When the organisation recently refurbished its New Zealand based headquarters, the ratio of steel to timber construction waste was 2:20 (10 times more waste).


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