Partitions & Infill Panels / Dry Lining


Traditional steel framed drywall systems are built with light gauge stud and track profiles, which are supplied in lengths and cut to size on site. The assembler has to measure and place each piece accurately to ensure the wall is straight and the window and door openings are square true. This generates a lot of waste, as well as being time consuming. 

Howick’s framing machines remove the waste and inaccuracies from building steel framed walls. Our system includes a FRAMA 3200 framing machine which produces wall panels in 0.55mm-0.95mm or 0.95-1.15mm steel. The FRAMA 3200 produces framing components in a fully finished state ready to assemble, including inkjet marking and recessed screw holes using Howick’s easy to use panel design software.

Production process

  1. During a site visit the panel sizes are measured and entered into the easy to use panel software. The software will generate all the frame and joint details from the information entered. Openings such as doors and windows, as well as any bracing, can be added at this point. Alternatively, there are links to Howick machines from the leading software packages. 
  2. Once the files are complete, they can be sent to the factory for production.
  3. Once the files are checked and approved they are produced on the Howick framing machine ready for assembly.
  4. The panels are then bundled together with a printed panel drawing ready for dispatch to site.

On site the bundles are opened and assembled. With the aid of the drawing and the ink jet labelled parts.

Benefits of the Howick system

  • Swaged to fit studs with location dimples and recessed screw holes giving flush walls with no steps of protruding screw heads
  • Components finished ready to assemble
  • No cutting or waste on site
  • Lipped top and bottom track add rigidity to the frame
  • Door and window opening are accurately sized
  • Panels can be made on a just in time basis
  • Reduced onsite labor and skill requirements
  • Holes can be pre-punched in position for services removing the need to manually create the holes on site

3D scanning to frame manufacture


New technoligies are changing construciton sites. The traditional site measure and build can now be optomised for design and installation timelines significantly reduce through the use of 3D scanning to give an accurate model of the structure allowing th eframing to be designed to fit exactally. This allows bundled frame packages to be sent to site or to be run onsite using our FRAMA custom trailer soultion.

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