Autodesk Outsights: Extending Automation in Construction


Autodesk’s latest Outsights Panel event – Extending Automation in Construction – brought together experts from Windover Construction, StrucSoft Solutions, Autodesk and Howick to explore how technology is used to automate construction.

The panel uses real-life examples to bring to life the complete design-to-fabrication-to-installation process, demonstrating how the various technologies work together to produce precision solutions for complex build situations. 

Powerful technology can transform spaces quickly

Hear how powerful technology can transform spaces quickly and efficiently. In one build for the YMCA in Gloucester, Massachusetts, Windover manufactured almost 1,000 trusses in 15 hours, with zero waste saving 70% on both time and cost. You’ll also hear about how they are using 3D hologram technology to help onsite teams cut framing time by over 50%, from 7 days to just 3 days. 

Nick Coubray, Howick’s CEO, talks through the evolution of the latest innovation from the company, the Howick X-TENDA 3600. This system produces telescopic framing which extends in any direction to fill even the most unlevelled of interior spaces. You’ll see first-hand (featured here starting at 14:13) how this is transforming infill framing installation to build with precision, speed and strength. 

The panel discussion goes on to answer a number of questions about how the latest technology is being adopted and used to transform traditional construction.

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For more information on the Howick X-TENDA 3600 click here. To request further information on any of the topics covered, please do get in touch.

February 2021   #Features