VIRI cut steel waste by 78%, and now you can do the same

Roll-formed production of steel framing brings several advantages over traditional construction methods, including significantly reduced wastage.

The process is incredibly efficient, yet VIRI Technologija, a Lithuanian steel fabrication company, believed they could optimise it even further.

As a Howick distributor which uses our machines to fabricate steel, VIRI has always been driven to reduce waste, so they came up with an innovative, automated solution to make it happen.

Introducing CSVizer by VIRI Technologija 

The industry experts at VIRI designed CSVizer - a specially engineered software that optimises every CSV file required for roll-formed steel manufacturing. It does this by processing millions of potential combinations and selecting the best one to significantly reduce waste.

To test their new software, VIRI designed, engineered and produced decorative snowflake frames, ‘Project Snowflakes’, for the Christmas area for their New Year Tree opening ceremony.

Project_Snowflake_Picture2.jpg Project_Snowflake_Picture5.jpg Project_Snowflake_Picture4.jpg
Project_Snowflake_Picture3.jpg Project_Snowflake_Picture6.jpg Project_Snowflake_Picture7.jpg

Reducing offcuts by 78%

By using CSVizer, VIRI managed to produce their steel snowflakes with just 4.71kg of offcuts. Without the software, this would have been 21.81kg – a material wastage saving of 78%.

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December 2023   #News