A partnership built to last. Queensland Steel House Frames celebrates a decade of success with Howick.

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Brett Smith, owner, with the shield that celebrates staff who have been with the company for ten years. So far, just Brett and one other staff member appear on it, with one more name to be added next year.

Ten years ago, Queensland Steel House Frames embarked on a trans-Tasman partnership that would set a new benchmark for quality and durability.

Ordering two steel roll-forming machines from Howick Limited was a significant investment, but one that certainly paid off. Over the years, those two machines, the equivalent of the FRAMA™ 4200 and 3200, have been joined by eight others, allowing the company to streamline its operations and increase productivity while maintaining a consistently high standard of quality and accuracy. 

On November 10, Queensland Steel House Frames celebrated ten years of working with Howick Limited. This milestone event also marked a decade of trust and collaboration between two companies that share a common vision for the future of construction in Australia. 

Offering superior durability and longevity as well as being fully recyclable, the company’s steel framing systems are well suited to Queensland’s warm and humid conditions, where termites pose a significant threat to traditional timber framing. 

Today, with ten Howick roll-forming machines operating in two factories, Queensland Steel House Frames is a shining example of what can be achieved through dedication, perseverance and a commitment to delivering exceptional quality, service and support.  

We wish Queensland Steel House Frames a happy tenth anniversary and look forward to the next ten years of this long-standing partnership.

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December 2023   #News