Amr Raafat and the future of industrialised construction


How are we paving the way for industrialised construction to become the future standard in our industry?

It is a question that Amr Raafat, Chief Innovation Office at Windover Construction, is on a mission to answer. He has been travelling the world and interviewing industry leaders to find out how the trailblazers are thinking outside the construction box.

As a two-time winner of the Autodesk Award for Excellence for Accelerating Transformation, Amr knows what it takes.

Stop 1 on the world tour: Melbourne, Australia

On his first stop, Amr heads to Melbourne, Australia, and catches up with innovators changing the game down under. One of these is Eddie Pallotta of SYNC Industries

SYNC is a prime example of how cross industry innovation can benefit construction. They have taken their experience in car fabrication and used it to create high end modular kitchens and bathrooms at volume.

“Innovation means more than just new technologies but also enhancing precision manufacturing principles to become smarter, quicker, and more sustainable,” says Eddie. 

While processes are always important in industrialised construction, it is having a people first culture that is the key to SYNC’s success.

"Good people will always trump good process,” he says.

A Howick customer for eight years, SYNC integrates their FRAMA™ 3200 as part of their production process. By creating everything in a controlled factory environment, they have dramatically enhanced efficiency, precision and safety.

Interested to find out more? Read the full interview here.

November 2023   #News