STEEL HORIZONS | BOSTON Speaker Series 1 - Global megatrends with Dave Cooper

Step into the future of industrialized construction with our exclusive STEEL HORIZONS | BOSTON speaker series. In each post, we spotlight one speaker from our recent STEEL HORIZONS | BOSTON event and share their insights about the future of construction.

Kicking us off is Dave Cooper of Dave Cooper LIVE with his whirlwind global tour of the megatrends in construction and the innovators in this space.



Dave Cooper Live is an online talk show that explores the ways technology, innovation and evolution is helping us “Build It Better”. In this capacity, Dave connects with industry trailblazers around the world and discovers what is driving change in the sector. He puts it down to four global megatrends:

1. The need to meet climate change head on

The urgent need to address climate change is motivating environmental pioneers to prioritize sustainability, resilience and a circular economy within construction. 

Dave highlights:

Bryden Wood: The Forge in London is the first P-DfMA (Platform Design for Manufacture and Assembly) and net zero carbon commercial building in the UK. 

Urban Machine are using robots to reclaim wood waste for reuse.

Plantd has developed the world’s fastest-growing grass to capture carbon, which they then turn into construction panels. 

2. The need to adapt to technological disruption

Industry 4.0, AI and IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), is challenging the best minds in the sector to push the boundaries and experiment with new technologies via a “crawl-walk-run” approach.

Dave highlights:

British Offsite has opened their own smart factory to automate the offsite process and build so fast, residents can move into the first floor, while the second floor was being built.

ARX has changed the game for developers by introducing an AI driven real-estate analytics programme that underwrites the future potential value of millions of properties.

Catering for a demographic shift

Future-focused operations are also adapting to the dynamic demographic changes, ensuring housing and infrastructure evolve to meet the demands of a shifting society. 

Dave highlights:

3D printing is now being used in under-served communities to turn the local soil into building materials, so you do not have to ship in materials.

Cuby is looking to build cities in days not years by delivering turnkey, transportable factories (TTFaaS) to the job site.

Bridging the gap in a fracturing world

In a world increasingly defined by divisions and global challenges, visionary companies are bridging gaps, offering modular solutions and crafting innovative approaches to navigate these complex terrains.

Dave highlights:

Samsung and Forta Pro have forged a partnership to launch and operate smart modular construction factories around the world.

SWS Panels has designed fabrication software that overcomes the obstacle of global language barriers by employing a revolutionary color-coded system.

Reducing social instability

Mitigating social instability is at the forefront of modern challenges, and trailblazing companies are deploying solutions that look to provide equity, security, and cohesion in communities.

Dave highlights:

Steelbox is bringing beauty and efficiency to affordable prefabricated housing.

Stacks and Joules is training marginalised populations in building automation in preparation for the foreseen labour shortage.

BotBuilt is working with NASA to use rocket-science (literally) to make housing more affordable.

These highlights are just a sample from Dave’s action-packed presentation, and we highly recommend you get inspired and check out the full talk

As our world grapples with challenges from climate change to social instability, it is clear the pioneers and visionaries in our industry are helping to shape a world where we can thrive, not just survive. 

Key to building this resilient, inclusive, and sustainable future will be our ability to share, collaborate and support the next generation, says Dave. 

“Please keep inspiring the next generation to follow in your footsteps. Become a mentor to the next generation. Open the door for them. Listen to them, support them on their journey. 

“We need the younger people in this industry and we can all make a difference and make it happen.”

September 2023   #Features