ICC-ES Certification creates more advantages for Howick clients

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ICC Evaluation Service Report:70+ Profiles evaluated

Howick now has over 70 profiles evaluated through ICC Evaluation Service Report (ESR).  This reporting recently moved from the listing that Howick had for several years with NTA. The merger of ICC and NTA provides a greater degree of recognition for Howick customers and their clients across the industry.

A Technical Advantage for Howick Customers

Specifically, this enables new or existing Howick customers the ease of coming up under the Howick ESR to certify their own manufacturing, creating a clear delineation in the market. It assures end-users - the clients of our customers - that the highest standards of product is being delivered, as defined manufacturing tracking processes and procedures are in place and certified.  

As highlighted by Tom Reed, Howick’s PM based in Pittsburgh, PA: “This clearly provides clients using our Howick manufacturing technology a real advantage over those who might not have these processes and procedures in place to hold this certification.”

About ICC-ES

ICC-ES undertakes technical evaluations of building products, components, methods, and materials. The evaluation process culminates with the issuance of technical reports which directly address the issue of code compliance, so they are extremely useful to both regulatory agencies and product manufacturers.

Click to download the ICC ESR Report here.

June 2020   #Features