100% Howick Made For Your Advantage

Shaping the world of construction... from East Auckland, NZ.

With Howick systems, we believe you get a distinct commercial advantage. Through precision engineering, innovations like the X-TENDA 3600 that frames interior spaces faster, to technology that reduces wastage while increasing productivity, we really are helping to shape offsite and modular construction. We see our job as creating ways for the construction world to solve a major global problem with the cost of construction by providing better technology and smarter ways of building. 

Our machines are proudly 100% NZ Made

We manufacture precision roll-forming technology for light steel framing. For over 40 years we have been manufacturing our systems in our plant in East Auckland, with top quality New Zealand-made componentry either made at the Howick factory or sourced locally. This gives us the advantage of tremendous quality control. We have oversight of our complete supply chain, systems and processes, assuring a standard of quality that we believe sets our technology apart. 

From design, software set-up, electrical workshop and in-house CNC manufacturing, to our parts and inventory control and our assembly workshop, almost every component used in our technology is made here - in-house at Howick. 

Because of this, we are able to provide industry leading levels of uptime for our systems, and quality guarantees that are unique in the sector. 

To find out more about what makes Howick systems the most advanced cold formed steel framing machines available, connect with us today.

June 2020   #Features