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Welcome to In the Frame for June 2020


Like many in the world, the Howick team has emerged from a pandemic-induced lockdown and our people are enjoying being back on the tools in our Auckland factory. We have continued to service customer needs during the lockdown supporting our customers throughout the world. Indeed, we've remotely commissioned a number of machines in this time.

As with every crisis, this one is sure to bring new opportunities. Globally, examples are emerging that highlight the potential for fast-build and offsite construction. However, with currently limited international trade, the ability to control supply chains is also becoming increasingly important.

The case for local manufacturing

Those firms that have invested in in-house modular manufacturing or offsite construction alternatives enjoy a major competitive advantage. With local manufacturing, they enjoy the productivity gains of pre-assembling framing in a controlled environment. Staged delivery of materials, and integration with other trades on site also bring major efficiencies.

To get the full story around why local manufacturing is going to be so important to the construction industry, download our e-book - Keeping it local: The in-house edge for modular construction businesses. It includes cases from around the world and other factors that support this need.

Fast Build Construction meeting the demand for hospital wards.


Overwhelming demand for hospital beds and emergency isolation units to help treat Coronavirus patients has seen Howick’s innovative light steel technology put to incredible use by our customers... 


Seven steps towards stronger construction.

For those in the construction sector re-imagining the future, McKinsey has come to the party with seven actions to help construction leaders set-up for whatever the new normal brings...

Howick's new interior framing system: Frame any space fast

Howick 3600 Launch Video: Frame any space fast
After 18 months of design, engineering and testing, Howick has launched a ground-breaking steel roll-forming system that produces telescopic framing for interior walls and ceilings. Called the X-TENDA 3600, it creates complete frames that can be adjustable in any direction. This means that framing can be pre-assembled, compressed for easy manoeuvre, then quickly expanded and adjusted on site for a precise fit every time.

Need to find out more? 


If you'd like to get advice on bringing fast-build framing capabilities in-house, talk to us. We'd love to help put your business in the fast lane, so to find out more about Howick framing technology or to discuss your needs, please do get in touch.


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Deon Anderson

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