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Welcome to In the Frame for July 2020


As we head into the second half of 2020, we’re looking forward to seeing a shift from COVID-19 response to recovery for our global network of customers. The ability to turn challenges into new opportunity by embracing new ideas and new ways to work is sure to be key for many. To help you keep ahead of the pack, here are some pointers from the Howick team.


Stay ahead of the game: Order parts and consumables early!

With travel restriction still in place in many parts of the world, one of the ongoing areas of disruption is international freight. Freight is currently taking longer to get through, so act early on re-ordering your spare parts so you have product available when you need it.

We recommend you make a quick check of your spare parts and consumables, and consider pre-ordering. If you have any questions about your future stock needs don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Touring the Howick factory.


We’ve been proudly manufacturing - and innovating - high tech machinery from our facilities in East Auckland, New Zealand for over 40 years. Now we’d love you to join us for a virtual trip!

With customers located around the world, we’ve created a short video tour to showcase our people, our technology and all aspects of our business... 


Get interactive with 3D.

Precision engineering is a corner stone of all Howick systems. This means each framing profile connects effortlessly with its counterpart to improve strength, efficiency and reduce wastage.
Now you can take a closer look at how these components fit together with our interactive 3-D model...

Local Manufacturing: The way of the future.

Howick 3600 Launch Video: Frame any space fast
Control of your supply chain, cost savings and waste reduction are just some of the reasons in-house manufacturing is becoming an increasingly common construction method. Find out more about the competitive advantages and benefits you get by building this way with our free e-book Keeping it local: The in-house edge for modular construction businesses.

Keep us in the frame!


We feel truly fortunate to be doing what we do best and working closely with our customers all over the world at this time to help them maintain a competitive advantage. If you do need any more information about our machines and technology – just get in touch.


Best regards


Deon Anderson

International Sales Manager


Howick Ltd
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