MMC project ranking

MMC project ranking.jpg

How does your business score on the Pre-Manufactured Value (PMV) scale? Did you even know there is such a thing?

In a nutshell, this is a way of calculating the proportion of a building’s construction that takes place offsite or near site. Various categories of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) are evaluated and ranked in order, to determine a PMV ranking. Check out this blog to see how volumetric and panelised systems, and various offsite manufactured systems, gain PMV points.

This recently released blog by Consortium Procurement Construction highlights strong uptake in MMC, for example, by the English government; it uses PMV as a measure to ensure a minimum percentage of funded projects are delivered with MMC.

Howick – a company with sophisticated roll-forming technology enabling offsite construction – observes such growing support for MMC and PMV ranking with interest.

September 2021   #News