Offsite fabrication building momentum with MMC

The world over, offsite fabrication is proving its metal, driving construction productivity improvements. Over 45% of homes in Sweden are built offsite, and the government in the UK is now standing behind this technology with more than GBP 233 million of loans already agreed for MMC projects.


Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) may be a relatively new term, but as a construction methodology, it has been building momentum for a while. The improvements in speed of construction, efficiency, and quality familiar with offsite and prefabrication approaches are at the heart of this uptake. According to Stephen Ward, the UK government is also seeing other benefits with homes built using MMC having 80% fewer defects, and being more energy efficient with heating bills reduced by 70%.

Stephen Ward’s recent article, for the Council for Licensed Conveyancers in the UK, goes on to discuss the uptake of MMC currently sweeping the globe. 

Howick has been a long-time supporter of MMC, supplying advanced technology to support offsite fabrication using light steel. Our client showcases bring to life the applications of this technology, demonstrating its potential to transform traditional building approaches.

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July 2021   #News