Howick to showcase cold-formed steel at Disasters Expo

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With catastrophic weather events becoming more common, the construction industry must be ready with fast-build response options to help rebuild devastated communities.

Operating in a disaster zone is highly challenging. However, it is an environment well-suited to cold-formed steel and Howick will be at the Disasters Expo in Miami, March 6-7 to showcase the benefits of its machines and roll-forming technology.

Preparing for tomorrow’s disaster today.

The Disasters Expo is the leading event for emergency response professionals with 200 speakers and more than 700 exhibitors. It attracts thousands of government officials and municipalities who are looking to develop effective emergency management response plans.

As a pioneer in roll-forming technology, Howick will be on-hand to explain the benefits of cold-formed steel, offsite and modular construction in disaster recovery operations. It will also showcase how organizations like the US Navy are using Howick technology to rapidly build emergency infrastructure.

Steel, Seabees and Speed: How the Navy build faster.

The US Navy Construction Battalion, the Seabees, train to be the first into a disaster zone and expect to build anything, anywhere at any time – and do it fast.

One key piece of equipment they rely on is the Howick FRAMA™ machine. The FRAMA™ 3200, for example, is a compact machine that can operate out of a 20 foot container as a mobile factory and can be transported to the most inaccessible and remote locations.

With six machines ready to deploy, the Seabees can rapidly fabricate and assemble buildings, including emergency shelters and medical facilities.

Cold-formed steel is quick to construct, lightweight, versatile, and resilient, making it the ideal material for disaster relief and humanitarian aid operations.

For more about how the Seabees use Howick technology, click here.

Join us at the Disasters Expo in Miami, on March 6-7, 2024, to discover how you can best integrate cold-formed steel into your emergency management plans. 

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